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Quote: : » Paleo is one in every of the finest food plan scams to reach along…


Quote: : » Paleo is one in every of the finest food plan scams to reach along almost today. To launch with, it be constructed upon unsuitable premises and assumptions. Couple that with the truth that an entire industry has fashioned around promoting packaged/processed “paleo” products – and I’m fairly overwhelmingly constructive that paleolithic man did no longer have confidence rating exact of entry to to powerful in the assignment of packaged/processed foods.
(Demonstrate: I’m no longer asserting there would possibly maybe be something inherently unfriendly with packaged/processed foods, I’m ideal pointing out the hypocrisy of the paleo craze. When you happen to are going to tell to expend look after a caveman, sit down there on a rock and gnaw on a freshly-killed animal carcass you roasted over an originate fire, or boil some vegetation you ideal picked – execute no longer peel the wrapper off your “paleo edifying” candy bar and deem you are doing something special and virtuous.)
It be powerful extra ridiculous than the “neat” or “whole food” primarily primarily based eaters who rail relating to the evils of processed foods, but they employ protein powders, supplement products, “superfood” combos, and so forth.
TRUFAX: One of the necessary tastiest gluten free pancakes I’ve ever had came from a equipment of “paleo” pancake mix.
Cuz cavemen fully chowed down on pancakes, yo.
Now, there were several droll things about this product (including the truth that almonds weren’t even fit to be eaten in the paleolithic expertise), but a advice in a thread right here on MFP gave me a heads up that the model and texture had been simply. I used to be extra attracted to a tasty GF product than something else, tbh. I couldn’t care much less relating to the “paleo” claims. February eleven, 2018 1:00AM edited February eleven

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